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Continental Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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Product Code: ALM-CON-TYRE

Tyre pressure monitoring system providing live pressure and temperature information

    • Real time alerts in event of pressure loss
    • Available for trucks, trailers, buses and coaches
    • Automatic recognition of multiple trailers
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Your benefits

ContiPressureCheck is quick and easy to install. Mounting
inside the tyre guarantees high data accuracy.
ContiPressureCheck is compatible with all tyre brands.

Driving with the correct air pressure can lead to significant
fuel savings, increased mileage and maintain the value of the
tyre casing, thus making your fleet more economical.

Reliable and safe
The ContiPressureCheck system helps prevent tyre-related
breakdowns that can lead to costly downtime, late fines,
negative publicity, danger to other road users and loss of
sales or profits.

Running the correct inflation pressure lowers fuel consumption,
reduces tyre wear, decreases CO2 emissions and consequently
protects the environment.

Product Code: ALM-CON-TYRE