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Dash Mounted Touch Screen Display

Havis Touch Screen Display
Key Features:
  • Innovative and versatile
  • Maximises in-vehicle cabin area for driver and passenger
  • Touch Screen display can also be attached to any mount
  • Night mode
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Havis Docking Station for Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1

Havis Docking Station 1
Product Details: Docking station for Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 with dual pass-through antenna (for mobile applications requiring a thinner product option) Sturdy, all-metal construction consisting of billet and formed sheet aluminum and sheet steel Machined Delrin latch block protects tablet from damage Matte powder coat and anodized finishes reduce glare Simple one-handed docking and undocking for […]
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Havis Universal Tablet Cradle

Universal Tablet Dock Havis
Product Details: Havis universal tablet cradle (no Electronics) Patent pending. Compatible with a large variety of 7-9.25″ tablets models, with & without protective covers. Unique three point adjustment controls for ultimate versatility Made of high performance pc-ABS thermoplastics resulting in outstanding strength, heat resistance, feature definition, and surface finish Leg retainers contain fiber reinforced polymer […]
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Havis Rugged Keyboard and Keyboard Mount

Rugged keyboard and Mount
Product Details: Havis rugged keyboard and keyboard mount (patent pending) system Includes Havis rugged USB backlit keyboard (KB-101) & patent pending keyboard mount (C-KBM-201) Havis rugged keyboard has IP65 rated (ingress protection rating) Havis rugged keyboard communication interface USB 1.1 or 2.0. Havis rugged keyboard standard USB (+5V dc ± 10%) connection with water resistant […]
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Havis Panasonic Toughbook 19 Docking Station

Stronger, thinner, lighter The DS-PAN-211/221 Series Docking Station provides the safety, durability and ergonomics customers have come to expect from Havis. Flexible connectivity, quality, reliability and ruggedness are combined to create the best Toughbook 19 docking system in the industry. The DS-PAN-211 Series for Mark 4 laptops and the DS-PAN-221 Series for laptops Mark 1-5 […]
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