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Lind Isolated Power Adapter—Model DE2045I-2542

CODE: PM-E2045I-2542
This Lind DC-DC Power Adapter provides a regulated DC output to power laptops and peripherals from a DC voltage source. Electrical isolation between input and output prevents ground loops and allows the output to be used as a negative voltage if required. The rugged design of Lind laptop power adapters make them ideally suited for […]
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Lind Low Profile Shutdown Timer—4 Hour

CODE: PM-LPT1230-054
The Lind LPT1230-054 Low Profile Shutdown Timer protects your vehicle’s battery from over-discharge and equipment from low voltage and high voltage damage. This device turns off electrical loads at a preset time after the car engine is shut down. This timer provides the same protective functions as Lind’s standard Shutdown Timers but comes with a […]
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Lind Auto Power Adapter—Model AC1950-739

CODE: PM-AC1950-739
The Lind AC1950-739 DC/DC Power Adapter is designed to power your Acer-compatible laptop computer and to charge its internal battery from an 11-16 volt DC power source. The adapter supplies current and voltage levels as required by the laptop. Low Input Voltage Disconnect High Input Voltage Disconnect Output Short Circuit Protection Output Overcurrent Protection Internal […]
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