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PT3 Series

PT3, PT3 GPS & PT3C – The cab phone that saves both time and money. Handsfree are proud to be partnered with Pei Tel as UK distributors for the PT3 cab phone. The PT3 can be used as a car phone but is most at home in commercial applications due to it’s vehicle rugged design […]
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Nokia 810

Nokia truck phone supporting handsfree calls or privacy calls with handset The Nokia 810 truck phone is available as a refurbished truck phone. The Nokia 810 is for you if you use the GSM 900/1800 network, you’re on the road a lot and you need to have frequent handsfree phone conversations and exchange information. With a Nokia […]
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Telit Roadstar 3.5G

Easy to use, durable and high-level performance truck phone This revolutionary cab phone sets new records for vehicle connectivity. Includes modern automatic vehicle location, GPS navigation, connectivity with telematics terminals and more. The superior full duplex hands-free audio quality is compatible with all 3G and GSM networks, and offers extended coverage using external RF and […]
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Motorola M900 Handset

Popular cab phone All Motorola M900 Cab Phones are grade-A refurbished and come complete with a 12-month warranty. We stock a wide range of spare parts and can repair, refurbish, and install all Motorola M900 parts and accessories. Features High resolution display: 8mm character height Adjustable blue backlight and contrast display setting 4-way navigation key […]
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Motorola M8989 Handset

High quality hands-free operation for those who need to stay connected The Motorola M8989 fixed hands-free car phone kit is normally fitted to fleet vehicles such as lorries and vans. The kit supports audio muting and auto ‘power down’ as standard, but requires an adapter lead for use with an Autolead on a 12-volt system. […]
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Motorola 2700 Handset

GSM fixed cab phone This rugged and durable Motorola 2700 cab phone has been carefully refurbished and comes complete with a 12-month warranty. We also stock a wide range of spare parts and can repair, refurbish, and install all Motorola 2700 parts and accessories. Motorola 2700 Features Easy to use and packed full of features […]
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Motorola M930 Handset

Operates on the GSM network for expanded coverage and added reliability The Motorola M930 is uniquely designed to deliver safe, convenient and reliable in-vehicle communications for users who need to stay connected on the road. Handsfree has an extensive stock of this popular modern truck phone, which is available only as grade-A refurbished and comes […]
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