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Driver Awareness Panel

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Product Code: SAF-DAP
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Monitors driver behavior and increases awareness

The Driver Awareness Panel (DVP) actively monitors the vehicle CANbus and analyses CANbus data. The DAP calculates and compares the data against fleet and vehicle performance standards.

When appropriate, the DAP will signal good or bad driving behaviour during the trip. This method makes the driver aware of their driving style so they can act accordingly. Various Squarell algorithms are implemented, covering behaviours such as as harsh driving and braking, high Revs-Per-Minute and anticipated driving.

Example: Harsh Acceleration and Harsh Braking

With excessive use, like harsh acceleration, the fuel consumption of a vehicle is up to 6 or 7 times higher, compared to consumption with a steady driving style. The Driver Awareness Panel alerts the driver by lighting a red LED when the style of driving is excessive. The driver must then adjust their driving style accordingly.

On the graphic below you can see a test trip, showing the LED signal on the DAP when the acceleration is excessive

Product Code: SAF-DAP

DAP graph