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Onboard Weighing – Van Weigh

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Product Code: HFS-AOP-01

Overload protection load optimisation.
Optimised for LCV.

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Axle Overload Protection – Van Weigh

The VanWeigh axle overload monitoring system is specifically designed for two axled vehicles with standard coil or leaf spring suspension. Each axle is monitored with a patented solid-state sensor which monitors the load applied to each axle. The information is displayed to the driver on the twin channel digital indicator and an audible alarm sounds if the total vehicle or axle weight maximum is infringed.


The driver has a choice of three screens:

Screen 1: the standard dial screen view.

Screen 2: a graphical van display with the actual weight in kgs and the percent of payload vs load capacity.

Screen 3: an actual weight over each axle plus the GVW in kgs and the percent of payload vs load capacity.


The driver will be alerted to three conditions:

Safe: indicates loads up to 90% either front or rear axle and total load.

Warning: indicates loads between 90% and 100%.

Overload: alerts the driver to an axle or vehicle infringement above 100% load.



VanWeigh has no moving parts and is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration because of stretched springs, which are common in other axle overload monitoring systems.


Telematics Output

VanWeigh® includes an output from the indicator capable of connecting with tracking systems, allowing communications between the two systems which is reliable and easy to achieve. An optional cable is supplied with the VanWeigh system which allows telematics systems to capture the weight information and alarm triggers.