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Mechanical Slam Lock – Per Door – Supply & Install included

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Product Code: HFS-MBMSL-01
  • Automatically locks the door on closing
  • Ideal for multi drop fleet vehicles
  • Secures your vehicle contents at all times
  • Full health & safety compliance
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Why do you need it

The leading cause of vehicle contents theft is human error. Factory fit central locking systems perform a global unlock on the vehicle and this includes the load area. These remain unlocked until the central locking is re-applied, leaving the contents of the vehicle vulnerable. With multi drop drivers pressured for time, unlocking and relocking doors after each delivery or collection has a habit of falling to the way side.

What does it do

Linking in to the factory fitted door locking system, the slamlock ensures that the load area door locks automatically on closing, regardless of the state of the remaining vehicle doors, ensuring that the vehicle contents remain secure. With the extra benefit of enabling not only unlock on key but also handle-less door opening, it adds the benefit of ease of operation for a driver carrying goods to put into the vehicle.

Product Code: HFS-MBMSL-01