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ECU Guard – Supply & Install Included

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Product Code: HFS-MBECUG-01
  • Sprinter Dedicated ECU Shield
  • Prevent access to the ECU
  • Stop vehicle thieves in their tracks
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Why do you need it
The Vehicle ECU is the Access to All

If a thief can gain access to the vehicle ECU by removing the plastic wing/wheel arch, then it is a simple process to disconnect the two plugs on the original ECU and plugging in their own.  Their ECU will have a matching set of coded keys, so they can simply unlock the vehicle, disarming any alarm or immobiliser and drive it away.


What does it do
What is the ECU Shield and how does it work

This unique and patented ECU shield is specifically designed for installation to a Mercedes Sprinter van Euro 4, 5 and 5b, and prevents anyone from accessing the connections to the ECU.  Constructed from solid steel and taking less than half an hour to install, it provides maximum protection for a very vulnerable area.

Product Code: HFS-MBECUG-01