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Tracker Monitor

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Tracker Monitor

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Tracker Monitor

TRACKER Monitor is the entry point car tracking device and stolen vehicle solution offering from TRACKER. Being small means it can be discreetly installed into your car so that it is completely hidden by one of TRACKER’s approved installers.

We supply and fit TRACKER Monitor to many different types of vehicles like cars, vans and motorhomes. Having a motion sensor inside means it is a good choice if your vehicle is not always in sight. As soon as the motion sensor detects an unauthorized movement it sends an alert to TRACKER who can then activate the Monitor unit.

The motion sensor feature of TRACKER Monitor means that a rapid response can be put into effect quickly, even if you are not aware of the theft. Further peace of mind is provided as TRACKER Monitor has VHF technology on-board. You won’t find VHF transmitting Tracking devices outside of the TRACKER product range, as it is patented technology exclusively to TRACKER.

It is impossible to shield a VHF signal even if your car is put into a shipping container or in an underground lock up. It leaks through the smallest holes or gaps, even smaller than the human eye can see!


  • Patented VHF technology means your pride and joy can be found no matter where it is hidden, even if that is underground, or in sealed containers
  • Unique tracking technology that cannot be shielded by GPS/GSM signal jammers
  • Motion sensor inside to pick up any unauthorised movement
  • Full UK wide support from the Police – 1700 police cars and 30 police helicopters are equipped with TRACKER car finding equipment
  • Full tracking coverage in France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg and Spain included.