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TECh Single Lens

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Product Code: TECh-DC-RW200
  • Single, forward view HD camera
  • Normal/Event/Panic recording
  • 120o coverage of the road ahead
  • Built-in GPS for location & speed
  • Built-in 3 axis G-Sensor
  • Lockable SD card storage
  • 12v – 24v Compatible
  • Windscreen Mount
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Compact Digital Video Recorder suitable for all mobile automotive applications

This DVR is a compact, all-in-one digital video recorder suitable for all mobile automotive applications. It is designed to be mounted on the front windscreen of the vehicle and record video via the forward facing and optional interior facing cameras, together with audio.

The DVR fully integrates with any telematic system. Each time the telematics unit detects an incident, it instructs the DVR to store the video and audio, which can then be reviewed during driver debriefs and incident investigations.

Recorded data is stored on an SD card, allowing up to 5 days recording to be kept. Drivers are further protected by the incident panic button – the DVR independently detects any impact to ensure accident evidence is captured.


  • Single camera
  • Single camera with GPS
  • Dual camera with GPS
  • Dual camera with GPS & Nightvision


  • Fully-integrated into telematics system
  • Compact all-in-one design with glass mount for best coverage
  • Incident panic button (locks an individual file)
  • Recording from forward facing camera
  • Recording from rear facing camera (optional)
  • Internal GPS (optional)
  • Continuous recording with ignition input trigger
  • Adjustable settings for Fps, quality and the number of cameras
  • Adjustable angle for camera
  • 120° camera recording angles
  • 3 axis G-Sensor
  • Adjustable trigger settings for G-Sensor
  • External video out for attaching an additional monitor
  • SD card for easy retrievable data
  • Date and time stamp
  • 12 – 24 volt

Product Code: TECH-DC-RW200