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Onboard Weighing – Truck Weigh

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Product Code: HFS-AOP-02

Overload protection load optimisation.

Optimised for HGV.

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Axle Overload Protection – Truck Weigh

The TruckWeigh® 1155 System is specifically designed for all vehicles with mechanical and/or air spring suspension. VPG Onboard Weighing has combined features of its patented axle transducer technology and proven 1155 digital indicator to provide a low cost overload monitoring and payload optimisation system. TruckWeigh is simple to install and offers cost effective overload monitoring for new and existing vehicles.

Axle Load Monitoring

TruckWeigh systems have no moving parts and are not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration because of stretched springs which are common in other axle load monitoring systems. Combinations of our patented axle transducers and/or air pressure transducers obtain the loading condition of each axle or axle group.

TruckWeigh 1155 Digital Indicator

Specially engineered for on-board use, the TruckWeigh indicator is a versatile display designed to suit a variety of trucks from 7.5 tonne to 50 tonne GVW. Its mounting flexibility ensures that it is suitable for both DIN radio mount and dash mount.

The indicator provides overload monitoring for individual axles and for the complete vehicle.

The 1155 indicator can connect to the 511 FreeWeigh handheld remote display.

Trailer Identification

Where tractor and trailer combinations are swapped, TruckWeigh automatically recognises the overload monitoring system on the trailer, so there is no need to recalibrate every time the trailer is swapped.

Packer Plate Shutdown

The packer plate shutdown function ensures overloading is prevented by inhibiting the compaction unit when the gross or net alarm point is reached. An override key switch allows the compaction unit to be switched back on by an authorised person.

 Telematics Output

Connection to third party tracking systems is easily achieved via TruckWeigh’s standard telematics output.