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Angled Mounting Plate

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Product Code: MNT-UMP

Key Features 

  • Handles weights up to 20 kg
  • Adjustable in 360 degrees with 135 degree tilt
  • Modular design
  • Wall mounted
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Angled Mounting Plate

The angled mounting plate solution allows you to fix to vertical surfaces, ensuring your device is mounted at a 90 degree angle. The solution is made up of the following components:

Round Mounting Plate 

  • Zirkona Joiner Mounting Plate Round. Perforated pattern 30 x 38, for installation to instrument panels, walls and ceilings.

Medium Joiner Arm 

  • Zirkona Joiner Medium is for the installation of computers, monitors, TV’s and similar devices. Movable, easily adjustable in 360 degrees with 135 degree tilt.
  • Handles weights up to 20 kg when stationary. In moving positions where there are vibrations, such as vehicles, a maximum of 6 kg. Installed with precision and care. When installing in vehicles or other moving positions, Joiner’s installation is secured with hinges; see the PDF on the description of the installation.

Angled Mounting Plate

  • Zirkona Universal Mount can be used with the Zirkona LCD Arm and Zirkona Joiner System.
  • Also suitable for the Volvo F cabin.

Product Code: MNT-UMP